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Dear Green Local School District Preschool Families,
Welcome to our Bulldog family! If you have any questions about the information on this site please feel free to reach out to either Scott Shank or Joya Mitchell. We are always happy to help.

Joya Mitchell       
Director of Student Services

Scott Shank
Greenwood ELC Principal


The preschool environment is designed to enhance the development of self-confidence, self-expression, curiosity, enthusiasm, and the ability to interact effectively with other children and adults. The preschool is licensed by the Ohio Department of Education. All students have an individually developed program to match their individual needs. However, The State of Ohio does not provide funding for children developing age-appropriately in a public preschool setting in the City of Green. Therefore, because the district does not receive funding for these students, a tuition fee has been applied (see below). Green Local School District has implemented two payment options for families to choose from.

Payment Options

Option 1- Monthly Payments

Monthly payments (nine) for preschool tuition will be $215.00, totaling $1935.00. These payments can be made through PaySchools, which is our online payment system. Access to this payment portal can be found on our website at This online payment system has a convenience fee which will be charged to your account each time access is made. Payments can be made with either a debit or credit card. Should you choose to change your payment plan, you may make the change at the beginning of January for the remainder of payments.

Option 2- Lump Sum Payment

There is a cost savings to paying in one lump sum. Families that select this option will pay $1800.00 due by the end of August. If you select this option you may pay online at PaySchools, cash or check. Paying the one lump sum payment through PaySchools will also result in a small convenience fee.
If full payment is not made by the end of August, the district will assume that your family has selected to make scheduled monthly payments of $215.00

*Lastly, if there is a mandated school closure, GLSD will not refund preschool tuition payments.