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Resident & Entry-Year Educators


Green Local Schools is proud to provide support and mentoring to teachers who are new to the profession and/or new to the school district. This comprehensive support program is peer-facilitated and is the first step on a path of continued professional learning. Green's program is designed to work in concert with the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) and is therefore aligned closely with the Standards for Ohio's Educators.  


The purpose of the teacher mentoring program is to provide support and formative assistance for teachers from their date of entry in the district through their retirement. The program is not evaluative; rather it is designed to enhance the teacher's skills; retain the teacher in the district; and support him/her in achieving a five-year professional license and maintaining that license throughout his/her career as a bulldog. 

Program Components

  • The program coordinator and lead mentor organize the program, report required data to the Ohio Department of Education, and provide ongoing professional development and support for mentors and teachers.
  • Credentialed mentors provide job-embedded support, assistance and guidance to resident educators during the two-year induction cycle and beyond.
  • Teachers and mentors work collaboratively to demonstrate mastery of the Ohio Instructional Cycle.
Lead Mentor
Program Coordinator
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