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Fraud Misconduct

Ohio Fraud Reporting

Complaints of fraud in Ohio’s governments may be made any time by any public employee or private citizen.

To report suspected fraud, contact the Ohio Attorney General.

Ohio Revised Code §117.103 requires all public employers to notify employees of the methods of reporting fraud. New hires must verify, within 30 days, that they have been advised of the system, and the Auditor of State’s (AOS) office will verify compliance during regular audits. Green Local Schools employees are notified upon hiring through Public SchoolWORKS safety and compliance training.

Ohio Ethics Commission

You may contact an Ethics Commission Special Investigator at (614) 466-7090 to determine whether or not your allegation falls within the authority of the Commission, as defined in Ohio’s Ethics Law. Once this determination is made, the Investigator will mail to you an Allegation Form to be completed and returned to the Commission