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Consistently High Performing Teacher

In December 2016, the State Board of Education adopted language defining consistently high performing teachers. Teachers who meet specific criteria during their license renewal cycle will be considered consistently high performing (CHP) and will be exempt from the requirement to complete additional coursework or earn continuing education units in order to renew a professional teaching license. The topic can be confusing, so the LPDC is providing this information to introduce you to the guidelines and help you determine how they may impact your license renewal.


  1. These updates do not apply to counselors, library media specialists, instructional coaches, related services providers or administrators.

  2. Resident educator license holders are not eligible for this provision.

  3. Permanently certificated teachers are exempt from renewal requirements.


  1. A professional license cycle is five years.

  2. OTES refers to the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System.

  3. The final summative rating from OTES is derived from the teacher performance rubric rating (50%) and student growth measures (50%).

  4. Green Local Schools become eligible for CHP status at the conclusion of the 2018-2019 school year.

  5. The Green LPDC is responsible for ensuring compliance with the State Board of Education’s guidelines.

  6. The Green LPDC is responsible for determining locally recognized teacher leadership roles.

  7. The teacher is responsible for providing evidence to the LPDC that s/he meets the criteria for CHP teacher status.

Eligibility for CHP Teacher Status

  1. The teacher must hold a 5-year professional license.

  2. The teacher must have been evaluated with the OTES model at least four of five years of a license cycle.

  3. The teacher must have received a final summative rating of Accomplished via OTES for four of the past five years.

  4. The teacher must provide evidence that s/he meets one or more of the following criteria for at least three of the five years of his/her license cycle.

    • Serve in a leadership role for a national or state professional academic education organization; and/or

    • Serve on a state-level committee supporting education; and/or

    • Receive state or national educational recognition or award; and/or

    • Hold a valid Senior or Lead Professional Educator License; and/or

    • Hold one of the following district teacher leadership roles:

      • Department chairperson or lead teacher

      • Local Professional Development Committee member

      • District Leadership Team member

      • Resident Educator mentor, including Lead Mentor

      • Cooperating teacher

What’s next?

  1. If you believe that you may qualify for CHP teacher status, begin collecting eligibility evidence now. Refer to Eligibility for CHP Teacher Status above.   

    • Prepare copies of four qualifying summative OTES ratings. These may be found in your OhioES account. If you are unable to locate all of your evaluation ratings.

    • Identify evidence of leadership criteria. 

  2. Complete the CHPT Verification Form and submit it along with your eligibility evidence to the Director of Human Resources.

  3. Check out the Ohio Department of Education’s Consistently High Performing Teacher FAQs.

Ask questions. With all new guidelines, there are nuances and shades of grey that can cause confusion. Talk to your LPDC representative or contact the HR department.