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Green Local School District LPDC Overview

The Green Local Schools District's Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC), operating under the requirements and policies of the State of Ohio and the Green Local Schools Board of Education, reviews renewal applications for all educators who hold a five-year professional license and who are current employees of the district. 

Green Local LPDC IRN for renewal: 013989

The LPDC bases recommendations for license renewal on the teacher or administrator's Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP), its compliance with the Standards for Ohio Educators, and a minimum of 18 documented continuing education units (CEU). Members of the LPDC include a teacher from each school building as well as two administrators. The committee is chaired by one of the teacher representatives.

Members of the 2023-2024 LPDC

District Chairperson

Richelle Stephens 

Greenwood Early Learning Center

Lelania Perritt  

Green Primary School

Joy Dearing      

Green Intermediate School

Sean Mostov    

Green Middle School

Kristin Cheshire 

Green High School

Shawn Edwards 

Administrative Representatives Andrew Snavely
Carrie Marochino  


2023-2024 Standing Committees

Substitute Chairperson

To be determined

Renewal Credit

To be determined

Member Development & Communication

To be determined