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Permits and Licenses

Personnel who work directly with public school students in the State of Ohio must hold a valid credential. The type of credential required is based on job responsibilities. Available Ohio educator credentials are listed below and linked to applicable information about applying for, renewing, extending and advancing a credential.

To apply for or renew a permit or license, you need to have an active OH|IDaccount

How to Create an OH|ID Account (Replaces SAFE)

Access the OH|ID Portal

Permit and License Types

Superintendent Signature Code: 013989

Resident Educator License - Extend or Advance

5-Year Professional License

Permit & License Costs

Resident educator license (2-year)            $80
            1-year RE extension, $40
5-year professional license                       $200
            Each additional area, $20

1-year aide/monitor permit                        $25
3-year pupil activity permit                         $45
4-year aide/monitor permit                      $100