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Canvas Parent App

Stay informed of Classwork with the Canvas Parent App!

What is Canvas? Why Download Canvas App? What Can I See? How to Download?
  Do I have to do this each year? More Canvas Info  


What is Canvas?
Canvas is a Learning Management System used to help staff, students, and parents be aware of what is happening in the classroom.  For grades 3-12 assignments, due dates, and general information about the class can be found in each Canvas Class.  In grades PK-2 Canvas is used as a way to communicate with parents as well as provide a quick way for students to access digital content while at school.



Why download the Canvas Parent App Grades 3-12?

  • See “A Week at a Glance” of everything happening in the class during that week.
  • See the directions and assignments the same way the student sees them.
  • Keep up on due dates for assignments in the Canvas Calendar.
  • See the grades given on assignments and an overall grade for the course.
  • Easy way to contact the classroom teacher with any questions or concerns.

What about grades PK-2?

  • See “A Week at a Glance” of everything happening in the class during that week.
  • Easy way to contact the classroom teacher with any questions or concerns.
  • Easy way for the classroom teacher to provide resources to be used at home.



What can I see in the Parent App?

Canvas parent app lets you view all your studens

All Your Students in One Place

Setup your account and connect all your students in one place to quickly and easily check on their progress and grade in each class.

Click on each name to get a quick view of the current grade for all of their classes.

Click on one of the courses to see more details about that specific class.

All Assignments Listed

Clicking on a course will show you all the assignments that have been given.  You can see the due date, if the assignment has been graded and if the assignment was submitted by the student.  Some assignments may be paper pencil and will not be submitted through Canvas, so don’t be alarmed if they all don’t say “Submitted”.

You can click on the blue circle with the speech block to contact the teacher of the course through Canvas.

Click on an assignment to see more specifics about the assignment itself.

Assignments and Grades Listed in Canvas
See Specific Assignment information in Canvas

Assignments Specifics

By clicking on one of the assignments you can see more details of the assignment.

In this example we can see the points for the assignment were 10,  the student submitted the assignment on time before the August 25th due date.

We can also see the specific directions for the assignment provided by the teacher.

The “Remind Me” can be turned on to give you an alert about this assignment allowing you to help remind your student about this specific assignment.

Front Page of the Course

Back on the main page you can click from “Grades” to “Front Page”.  This shows you what the student sees as the front page of the course.  Teachers provide general information about the course here.

Continue to scroll down this page and you should find the “Week at a Glance”

Canvas Frontpage
View the Week at a Glance for Each Class

Week at a Glance

The Week at a Glance will show you everything set to happen that week in the course.  You can also scroll back to previous weeks to see what happened previously in the class.

This is designed to help students know what to expect each day in class as well as provide a great way to keep up with the course during absences.




How do I get the Canvas Parent App?
There are two main parts to getting the App to work for you.  The first part is done with your student to get an Observer code.  The second main part is done on the parent device.  The student and parents steps are listed below.

Student Steps 
Step 1
- Your student should login to their Canvas account on their chromebook.
Step 2 - Once logged in, they should click the “Account” button


Step 3 - Click “Settings”
Step 4 - In the right menu click “Pair with Observer” button
Step 5 - A window will open with a code. Write this code down (it is case sensitive)

Parent Steps
Step 1 - Parents should download the Canvas Parent App on their phone.

Canvas Icon

Step 2 - Open the app and click the “Find School” button.

Find your School

Step 3 - On the “What’s your school’s name?” screen, type “Green Local”.  You will see two choices.  Click “Green Local Schools - Parents”.

School Name

Step 4 - The Canvas login screen will appear.  Click “Create Account”

Step 5 - The Parent Signup screen will appear.  You should complete the entire form.  The “Student Pairing Code” was what you wrote down from step 5 in the Student Steps.  Remember this code is case sensitive so be sure to type it exactly as shown on the student chromebook. Green Local School Employees must use a different email than your school email.
Step 6 - Click Start Participating

To add another student to the App
Step 1
- Next student should repeat the student steps from above
Step 2 - On the parent app click the “Add Student” button
Step 2 - Choose “Pairing Code”
Step 3 - Type in the pairing code from the student chromebook (case sensitive)
Step 4 - Click “Add”
Repeat this for all of your students.


Do I have to do this every year?
No - each year your account will be updated on the first day of school with your student's new classes.  You don’t have to do any setup.


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