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Business Advisory Council


Green Local School District is a member of the Summit County Educational Service Center

Business Advisory Council. Updates from the council's activities will be posted on this website.  


From the Ohio Department of Education:

In today’s economy, it is critical that Ohio schools prepare all students with the knowledge and skills

they need to succeed in future learning, careers and life. Parents, educators and the business

community want to prepare students for successful career paths, whether those include college

degrees, industry credentials, apprenticeships, military enlistment or a combination of these.


Businesses are important partners who can help shape the educational experiences of all students in

Ohio schools. Businesses can partner with schools to share news about job trends and opportunities,

as well as economic changes that will affect jobs. They can play a role in district curriculum

development and help create new opportunities for students, such as work-based learning



To help build relationships between businesses and schools, Ohio law (Ohio Revised Code section

3313.82) requires every school district and educational service center (ESC) to have a business

advisory council. 


Summit County Business Advisory Council 2021-2022

Joint Statement of Progress

Fall 2021 Stark County Business Advisory Council Agenda
Fall 2021 Stark County Business Advisory Council Agenda