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Board of Education

Board of Education Overview

The Green Local School District Board of Education is responsible for providing a quality educational program for over 4000 students district wide. The board's main job is to set district policy.  The five elected board members serve four-year terms. The board hires the superintendent who is responsible for carrying out board policies, providing educational leadership and managing the district's staff. The board also hires the treasurer who serves as the district's chief financial officer. The treasurer is responsible for the financial affairs of the district.

Board of Education Members
Mr. Cohen, Mrs. Fanelly, Mr. Chojnacki, Mrs. Stoynoff, Mr. Campbell


Board Officers and Appointees

President: Mr. Campbell

Vice President: Mrs. Stoynoff

Ohio School Boards Association Legislative Liaison: Mr. Chojnacki

Ohio School Boards Association Student Achievement Liaison: Mrs. Fanelly

Tax Incentive Review Council Member: Mrs. Snowberger, Treasurer

Green Schools Foundation Representative: Mr. Chojnacki

Green Schools Foundation Alternate: Mrs. Stoynoff


Representatives to the Portage Lakes Career Center Board of Education:

Mr. Campbell and Mr. Cohen

Board Docs 

Board of Education Meetings