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Chromebook Summer Use

Green Local Schools is allowing students to keep their school-issued Chromebook over the summer! Seniors are required to turn their Chromebook prior to the end of the school year. Keeping the same device from year-to-year also promotes student ownership of devices and drastically reduces the amount of instructional time lost to collection and distribution of Chromebooks each year. Students retaining their same device year to year was also one of the major concerns we heard from previous years. This will alleviate that concern as well.

Students are encouraged to use their devices to pursue academic learning, hobbies, and other passions as long as those pursuits would be appropriate on a school-issued device.  Examples include computer coding, audio-visual production, reading, writing, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities. High school students should also consider using summer months to research colleges and apply for scholarships.

These devices do not require regular maintenance over the summer and can be safely stored on a shelf with the charger nearby. We will again offer insurance at the beginning of next year for renewals and anyone interested in signing up for the first time.

All Chromebooks will continue to be filtered according to local, state, and federal policies and will remain the property of Green Local Schools.  A lost or stolen device or an unexpected move should be reported immediately. 

No action is necessary to participate in the Summer Chromebook program. We will simply verify that each student has the correct device when they return in the fall.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to provide a seamless technology experience for all Green Local Schools students and families. 

If a student is withdrawing from school over the summer please adhere to the following procedures to return Chromebook and avoid any charges or transcript holds:


  1. Stop into the Main Office of the building they attend during summer hours (8 AM - 12:00 AM and 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM)
    • June 15th to August 15th Chromebook turn in will be completed at the Central Administration Building during these same hours.
      • 1755 Town Park Blvd, Uniontown, Ohio 44685 - Map
  2. Complete a “withdraw” form.  Turn in your student’s Chromebook and charger. An unofficial transcript can be printed.  All fees must be paid prior to an official transcript being sent.

Summer Guidelines

We want you to have your school issued Chromebook in great shape for the start of school, so we would like to offer a few tips.

We have learned that broken screens are the largest problem. As you might expect, the best prevention for that would to be constantly aware that your Chromebook uses a sheet of glass for its screen. The Chromebooks are rugged, but there is still a sheet of glass that needs protection. Try to get in the habit of gently placing your backpack on the floor and always keeping your Chromebook in its' case.

Extra Vigilance is needed in the summer!

It is recommended to:

  • Keep it away from water, pools, oceans, drinks, etc
  • Keep it cool ? Avoid leaving it in a car or in direct sun.
  • And most importantly, purchase insurance! It will protect your device in the summer as well.