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Chromebook FAQ

What does One2One (1:1) mean? 
One2One (1:1) refers to a ratio of students to computers. One2One implies that each student will be issued his or her own laptop Chromebook for both home and school use.

Why a Chromebook?
Most teachers have been using the available Chromebook carts for the last few years and are familiar with these devices and related apps. The Chromebooks are fully compatible with the cloud-based set of digital tools and resources (G-suite: Google Apps for Education) currently used by teachers and students.

What is the Technology Fee?
The technology fee is to assist with the program costs necessary for the management and sustainability of a 1:1 learning environment.   This fee does not cover replacement costs.  Please note that the technology fee is not insurance. Please see the “Chromebook Insurance” page for information regarding the optional insurance.

  1. Purpose of Technology Fee
    • to acquire, install, and maintain up-to-date and emerging technologies to enhance student-learning outcomes; to provide equitable access to technology resources; All hardware, software, and other equipment procured with these revenues are to support student learning experiences.
  2. Examples:
    • Licensing and software fees, Learning content and content management software, Electronic media, Distance learning, Technology needs to support student learning and communication, Security solutions to protect student/district data and privacy

Will certain website be blocked?
We currently restrict access to certain sites and limit the ability to download specific applications. These restrictions and limitations will remain in place at school and at home.

What are the school’s disciplinary consequences for inappropriate use?
Disciplinary decisions are determined by the school administration. See the "Documents" page.

How and where should devices be stored/cared for at home? 
Every situation is different and we have found that some parents collect the device after a certain time of day, some parents had their child charge the device in the parent bedroom overnight, some parents require that students use the device in an open area in the house where they can be closely monitored.  To keep kids safe, we certainly need help at home, but how that looks is different with every situation.

Does this device stay with the student all year?
Yes. Students will maintain this device throughout the school year.  Students will take devices home every night, on weekends, and during non-school days. Students will have their devices for summer break as well. Summer Chromebook Use

Who else can use my child’s device?
Your child's device is assigned only to them.  Each student is responsible for their own device and should not be used by other students, friends, or family members.

Where can parents gets tips and ideas on how to support their children in the digital age? 
Please visit our "Online Safety and Digital Citizenship" page.