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Access School Resources from Home

These directions are designed for parents to help their students access school resources on a home personal computer in the event the school chromebook can't be used.  

STEP 1 - Login to their school Google Account
Many of the tools we use at school depend on the student logging into their Google account.  When they login to a chromebook, they are automatically logged into this account.  In order to replicate this same state, the student will need access to Google Chrome on the home computer.  If you don’t have Google Chrome on your home computer, you will need to download and install this free web browser on your home computer before beginning.

Open Google Chrome on the home computer and go to
Click the “Sign in” button in the upper right corner of the screen.  NOTE - if a family member already has a google account, you should log out of that account first.
When the login screen appears, the email is as follows for students:  The password is their student number.  They use both of these to login to the chromebook, so your student should be familiar with these already.

STEP 2 - Accessing School Resources
The directions below describe how to access various resources the students use on their chromebooks.  Once they have logged into their Google accounts, they should not have trouble accessing these tools.

CANVAS - go to - click quick links - Canvas - Click the “Student Access” button

CLEVER - go to - CLick the Log in with your district Google Account button. Clever is used to access these resources at various grade levels. Your student will know how to access the correct programs once inside CLEVER:

  • Amplify Reading Program (grades K-8)
  • Dreambox (grades
  • Studies Weekly
  • ThinkLink (Science)
  • TypingAgent

CLassKick - Most teachers post links to Claskick assignments in Canvas.  Students should be already logged into Google (Step 1) and they can then click the sign in with Google button.