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800+ Measurable IEP Goals and Objectives: For use in K - 12 and in Home School Settings Paperback

by Chris de Feyter  (Author)- 2012, 72 pgs.

consists of a collection of more than 800 SMART Goals that can be used in Home Schooling settings, General Education settings, or Special Education settings. All of these SMART Goals have been approved and have been used in actual teaching situations in general and special education. These SMART Goals can be used as is, but better is it to revise the selected SMART Goals to accurately fit with the Current level of Performance of the student.

The Complete Guide to Special Education: Expert Advice on Evaluations, IEPs, and Helping Kids Succeed

Linda Wilmshurst, ‎Alan W. Brue – 2010, 372 pgs

This book explores the special education process-from testing and diagnosis to IEP meetings and advocating for special needs children. Step by step the authors reveal the stages of identification, assessment, and intervention, and help readers to better understand special needs children's legal rights and how to become an active, effective member of a child's educational team.

Extended School Year Services Under the IDEA and Section 504: Legal Standards and Case Law

by Julie J. Kline, Esq. and John W. Norlin, Esq, 2013, 114 pgs

This essential resource helps you eliminate the guesswork when trying to meet vague IDEA and Section 504 mandates for extended school year services -- and limit mistakes that leave your district vulnerable to due process complaints. You and all your IEP team members will be empowered to make appropriate decisions about student eligibility and level and amount of services to provide, with clear explanations of: The role ESY plays in providing FAPE What is meant by ñregression/recoupmentî in determining eligibility Factors courts have used to determine whether ESY is appropriate How OCR views ESY services for students eligible only under Section 504 Even better, explanation is supported by summaries of more than 100 cases -- so you know where other schools went wrong and can apply the lessons learned to your decision-making.

Legally Speaking: A Staff Training Guide for Communicating With Parents and Avoiding Conflicts in Special Education Paperback

by J.D., Ed.D. Christina Sepiol (Author)-2013

Drawing from her well-rounded experiences as an attorney, special education administrator, hearing officer and parent of special needs children, Christina Sepiol guides you in clearly explaining your districtÍs compliance duties to parents, so they understand the legal basis for your decisions regarding their child. YouÍll prevent misunderstandings and miscommunications

IEPs That Succeed: Developing Legally Compliant Programs Paperback

by Esq., Amy E. Slater, Esq., and Steven E. Lake, Esq. John W. Norlin (Author)-2010

Step-by-step guidance spells out your districtÍs IDEA requirements so you make legally sound decisions when: Determining who should serve on the studentÍs IEP team Convening the IEP meeting Excusing a mandatory team member from a meeting Deciding on the IEPÍs content and setting measurable goals Implementing,

Manifestation Determinations: Avoiding Needless Conflict and Common Mistakes

by Jim Walsh, Esq. and Melissa Scherer, Esq., 2013 104 pgs

Updated with the latest OSERS guidance and new cases! When must districts conduct a manifestation determination? What is the required nexus between disability and misconduct? What is a short-term versus a long-term disciplinary action?

Puberty Education for Special Education Students

A Girl's Guide to Puberty and Personal Safety

Kit includes - Teaching guide, DVD and student handbook.

A Boy's Guide to Puberty and Personal Safety

Kit includes – Teaching guide, DVD and student handbook.

Slippery Slope! The IEP Missteps Every Team Must Know -- and How to Avoid Them

by Esq. Steven E. Lake -2010, 127 pgs

Eliminate the worry by training your staff to steer clear of common mistakes along the way to a solid IEP. Slippery Slope explores the missteps districts commit most often in the IEP process. Each chapter highlights a specific problem -- spelling out your IDEA requirements, compliance strategies to help you avoid it and guidance on what to do if a mistake has been made.

The Special Educator's Toolkit: Everything You Need to Organize, Manage, and Monitor Your Classroom 1st Edition

by Cindy Golden Ed.D (Author), Juane Heflin (Foreword)-2012, 240 pgs.

Social Thinking Thinksheets for Tweens and Teens

By Mchelle Garcia Winner-2014, 189 pgs.

One of our more popular books, Social Thinking Worksheets for Tweens and Teens, has a new name: Social Thinking Thinksheets for Tweens and Teens. It's the same great content, now with a new title and cover. Thinksheets for Tweens and Teens focuses on the social issues and challenges faced by pre-adolescents and adolescents and introduces social concepts and strategies that can help individuals navigate these tricky years.

A Survival Guide for New Special Educators 1st Edition

by Bonnie S. Billingsley  (Author), Mary T. Brownell  (Author), Maya Israel  (Author), Margaret L. Kamman  (Author)

-2013, 432 pgs

This comprehensive resource is filled with the most relevant and practical information that can help those new to the teaching profession establish a productive and satisfying career. This Survival Guide contains the most current research-based and classroom-tested strategies for working with a variety of special-needs students. It also offers a wealth of helpful checklists, forms, and tools that educators can use every day in the classroom.

Traumatic Brain Injury Educational Tool Kit

Tip cards, Survival Kit planner and organizer for survivors of brain injury and their families, a manual for managing special education for students with brain injury, signs and strategies for educating students with brain injuries guide for teachers and parents, developing educational programs for students with brain injuries, making the IEP process work, compensatory systems, changes in self awareness, building friendships, when your teenager is injured preparing for work and adulthood, when your child is technology assisted home care guide for families…..

What Do I Do When...¬ The Answer Book on Section 504 -- Fourth Edition Paperback

by LRP (Author) – 2014, 322 pgs

Which children are entitled to Section 504 protection? What rights are they entitled to? And what are their options when not provided with these rights? Find out in this quick-reference guide. More than 275 Q&As spell out the program requirements you must fulfill, ways to comply and how to avoid litigation. The new Fourth Edition is completely up to date with recent cases and OCR Letters of Findings

Wrightslaw: IDEA 2004 Paperback

by Peter Wright (Author), Pamela Darr Wright (Author) – 2005, 161 pgs

Pete Wright is an attorney who has represented children with disabilities and their parents since the 1970s. Pete argued and won a landmark special education case before the U. S. Supreme Court. Pam Wright, a psychotherapist, has written scores of articles about special education advocacy. She is also the editor of The Special Ed Advocate newsletter. Pete and Pam built Wrightslaw, the #1 site about special education law and advocacy for parents, attorneys, advocates, and educators.

Writing Measurable IEP Goals and Objectives

by Barbara D. Bateman  (Author), Cynthia M. Herr (Author) – 2006, 140 pgs

A guide to quick and effective writing of accurate and measurable IEP goals and objectives. IEPs are necessary, required by law and when done properly can be extremely helpful in guiding the student's educational trajectory.