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A Framework for Understanding Poverty

Ruby K. Payne, PhD, 1996, 183 pgs.

The leading U.S. expert on the mindsets of poverty, middle class and wealth. A must read for educators, employers, policymakers and service providers.

Adoption and the Schools, Resources for parents and teachers

Edited by Lansing Wood, Nancy Ng

Delicate Threads

D. Staub, 1998, 220 pgs.

Friendship between children with and without special needs in inclusive settings. How relationships develop, the characteristics, patterns and useful suggestions to support children's friendships.

Frequently Asked Questions about Self Mutilation and Cutting

by Jonas Pomere  (Author) 64 pgs.

Prader-Willi Syndrome: Development and Manifestations

by Joyce Whittington  (Author), Tony Holland (Author)

In this book the authors identify and integrate the latest findings about how best to manage the complex medical, nutritional, psychological, educational, social and therapeutic needs of people with PWS. Both have been involved in the Cambridge PWS study, which is the largest and most rounded of the cohort studies of PWS anywhere in the world. The unique data it provides is the basis of this book.

Prader-Willi Syndrome: A practical guide (Resource Materials for Teachers)

by Jackie Waters  (Author)

An examination of the cognitive, medical and psychological aspects of educating a child with Prader-Willi Syndrome.

Seizures and Epilepsy in Childhood

J. Freeman, E. Vining, D. Pillas, 1997, 300 pgs.

This guide for parents has up-to-date information about new diagnostic techniques, drugs, diet and surgical treatments. The use of the ketogenic diet is included as an alternative therapy to drugs. Stressed is the active participation in sports and helping children live as normal a life as possible.

Turner Syndrome (2)

Rieser, Davenport, 38 pgs.

A guide for families.

What Happened to You?

L. Keith, Editor, 1996, 150 pgs

Women with disabilities write about their lives. This anthology of stories is touching in its honesty and grit. Do not feel sorry for these shocking, controversial and honest women.