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Multiple Sclerosis

Someone You Know Has Multiple Sclerosis

C. Jaffe, D. Frankel, 1982, 25 pgs.

Issues confronted by children six to twelve who have a parent with MS are confronted and sensitively discussed. This stresses open and honest communication.

Taming Stress in Multiple Sclerosis

F. Foley, 1996, 35 pgs.

Recognizing causes of stress. How it affects you and how to tame it when you have MS. Numerous techniques are described. There is no “right way” to reduce stress, just what works for you.

Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me

S. Rogers, 1996, 20 pgs.

Practical thoughts for people with MS. A great first resource that won't overwhelm the newly diagnosed.

When a Parent has Multiple Sclerosis (teenager)

P. Cavallo, 1994, 20 pgs.

Explores the feelings and experiences of teens whose parents have MS. They share feelings of annoyance, anger, sadness, shame and guilt and also ways to deal with these feelings.