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Mental Health / Mood

A Brilliant Madness/Living with Manic-Depressive Illness

Patty Duke, 1992, 328 pgs.

A nonfiction book from actress Patty Duke on what it's like to live with manic-depressive disorder, symptoms, treatments and insight. It offers hope for all those who suffer from mood disorders.

An Unquiet Mind

Kay Redfield Jamison, 1995, 223 pgs.

A memoir of moods and madness from Kay Redfield Jamison, Professor of Psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She is one of the foremost authorities on manic-depressive illness and also suffers from the disorder. View from the healer and the healed.

The Angry Teenager

W. Carter, 1995, 240 pgs.

Why teenagers get so angry and how parents can help them grow through it. Every teenager displays anger. You can overcome your own anxieties and use it as a positive factor in your teens development.

The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide

David J. Miklowitz, PhD, 2002, 296 pgs.

What you and your family should know. Recognizing early warning signs of mania or depression, understanding everyday ups and downs, your doctor and medication, staying on track.

Childhood Depression

K. Stark, 1990, 200 pgs.

A practical work with valuable appendices. This school-based approach focuses on clinical and research attention to children's depression.

Children with Conduct Disorders

P. Keenberg, S. Chazan 196, 220 pgs

Three methods of treatment are provides with the goal of helping a child manage aggression and express feelings in a way that is communicative and safe.

From Sad to Glad

Nathan S. Kline, M.D., 1974, 267 pgs.

Dr. Nathan Kline, a pioneer in the biochemical treatment of depression, explains the remarkably simple and successful approach that has led thousands to more joyful lives – simply, quickly, and without analysis.

“Help Me, I'm Sad”

D. Fassler, L. Dumas, 1997, 190 pgs.

A guide to recognizing, treating and preventing childhood and adolescent depression. It guides parents to play a vital role in their child's mental health.

Honorable Intentions

D. Jordan, 2003, 130 pgs.

A parents guide to educational planning for children with emotional disorders. Covers evaluation, IEP accommodations, and communicating with the school. Brief and to the point.

How to Cope with Depression

J. DePaulo, K. Ablow, 1989, 170 pgs.

Depression can be treated. From diagnosis to recovery, clear, concise guidelines to all phases of the therapy process are presented. This is a reassuring book for those who suffer from depression.

Loving Someone With Bipolar Disorder

Julie A. Fast/John D. Preson, PSY.D, 2004, 211 pages

Each person with bipolar disorder affects the lives of those around them, especially their romantic partner.  This book is written specifically for the partners of those with bipolar disorder to help them overcome the  unique challenges that they face.

MAD (A Guide for Teens) How to Deal With Your Anger and Get Respect

James J. Crist, Ph.D., 2008, 144 pgs

Storm In My Brain (childrens)

Unhappy Children

H. Smith, 1995,170 pgs.

An introduction to the emotional life of chilldren with problems and how to work with them. Simple, direct and positive methods for parents and professionals.

We Heard the Angels of Madness

D. and L. Berger, 1991, 250 pgs.

An excellent depiction of the reality of manic depressive disease as told from the family's inside view with a practical guide to treatment.

When Someone You Love has a Mental Illness

R. Wolfe, 1992, 200 pgs.

Addresses short-term, daily problems of living with a person with mental illness as well as long term planning and care. 43 quick reference guides including hallucinations, violence medication and choosing a doctor.