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Down Syndrome

Babies with Down Syndrome: A New Parents' Guide (Special Needs Collection)

by Karen Stray-Gundersen

This classic guide provides new parents with straightforward and compassionate advice and insight. It helps families become more confident in their ability to cope, to learn about their child's development, to know where to seek help, and to advocate for their child.

Learning to Read (video with guide)

National Down Syndrome Education and Research Institute, 45 min.

This video with guide and worksheets is designed to teach reading and language skills to children with Down syndrome. Parents and professionals will both benefit.

A Parent's Guide to Down Syndrome

S. Pueschel, 1990, 300 pgs.

Readily understood guideline for families and professionals to further the physical, social, mental and emotional development of the child with Down syndrome. Special emphasis is on early intervention.

Playing for Language (video with guide)

Guide to help preschoolers with Down syndrome to develop language. Parents and professionals are exposed to methods to turn taking, word finding and other steps to language.

Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome

P. Oelwein, 1995, 240 pgs.

A user friendly guide to teaching reading that recognizes the unique learning styles and needs of a child with Down syndrome. Appendices loaded with handouts for classroom use.