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Children's Books

A Friend Like Simon - Autism / ASD (Moonbeam children’s book award winner 2009)

by Kate Gaynot- 2009

This story encourages other children to be mindful and patient of the differences that exist and to also appreciate the positive contribution that an autistic child can make to the group

A Is for Autism, F Is for Friend (autism)

By Joanna L. Keating-Velasco

A to Z, Do You Ever Feel Like Me? (emotions)

B. Hausman, S. Fellman, 1999, 30 pgs.

From Angry to Zany, emotions are illustrated alphabetically. A fun approach to recognizing emotions. Photo illustrated with excellent facial expressions.

All About Asthma

W. and V. Ostrow, 1989, 40 pgs.

William, a real boy with asthma, tells how he learned and deals with his asthma. Presented is clear, helpful information about medical and social issues associated with asthma.