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Reading Assessments

Student reading levels are assessed three times annually in grades K-6 to provide teachers with information about student strengths and weaknesses in reading.  Teachers then design and provide individualized, targeted, high quality instruction to students based on their reading level. 
The State of Ohio's 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee, a legislative initiative, went into effect beginning with the 2012-2013 school year. All students in the third grade must demonstrate a certain level of competency in reading before advancing to the fourth grade. The legislation requires that an English language arts (ELA) diagnostic assessment be given by September 30 of each year for students in kindergarten through Grade 3, starting in the 2012-13 school year (ORC 3313.608(B)(1)).

Parent's Guide to Text Selection Using a Student's Lexile Level

Your child's reading assessment serves as one data point that the district will use to inform our instructional practices and personalize the learning experience for your child. 

  • One of the ways results are reported is using a readability measurement called the Lexile®. The Lexile score can be used to identify a student’s reading ability as well as to recommend books at an appropriate reading level.  For more information about Lexile measures, please visit

You can help your child find books within 150 lexiles of his or her current level using the following resources.