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Advanced Learning

Green Local Schools is committed to the academic achievement of our advanced learners. Our goal is to offer engaging programming options that will motivate and empower students to continue to strive for excellence as life-long learners and members of the 21st century. 

Programming options include a variety of learning experiences that are creatively designed to meet the individual and developmental needs of students in a learning environment that will facilitate growth and success. 

Based on continued analysis of  assessment data and  review of the student needs in the district, Green Local Schools utilizes the advanced learning programming models listed below. 

Grades K-5 Cluster Grouping

Cluster Group

Advanced, as well as students identified as "gifted" in like areas (reading,math, superior cognitive), are grouped together and placed in a mixed ability classroom.  The classroom teacher will meet the specific needs/abilities of these students using differentiation strategies, social emotional supports, and curriculum compacting when appropriate.  Teachers receive ongoing training, coaching, and support from Gifted Intervention Specialists. 

Grades 6-12 Honors Courses

Honors classes are designed to accelerate and/or extend the grade level standards in order to allow all students to perform at their individual instructional level. 
Math: Beginning in grade 6,  eligible students, may begin Honors Math Subject Acceleration, which includes curriculum compacting in grades 6-8. 

Language Arts:  Beginning in grade 6, eligible students may begin Honors Language Arts.  These courses extend the core curriculum and grade level standards with authentic learning opportunities that cultivate habits of independent thinking, creativity,  collaboration, leadership, and advanced intellectual skills. 
Pre-requisites are required (see presentation below of the indicators of success)

Grades 9-12 Advanced Placement / College Credit Plus / Dual Enrollment

Graduation Cap

At the high school level, students may participate in Honors,   Advanced Placement® ‚Äč, College Credit Plus, and Dual Enrollment courses that are aligned with the area(s) of individual student interest or gifted identification.  
Pre-requisites are required and  listed in course guide.

Informational Links 6-8

Grades 6 - 8

Please refer to the  presentation below for updated information and clarification regarding Advanced Academic Programming and student placement  in Honors. 

Note: Click on the link below for the presentation used during conference night at Green Intermediate.

[View Presentation]


6th Grade

If you have spoken with a member of  the school placement team and require a conditional placement form, please print, complete, and return to Green Intermediate School as soon as possible. 

Conditional Placement Form: GIS 

Grades 7 - 8

If you have spoken with a member of the school placement team and require a conditional placement form, please print, complete, and return to GMS as soon as possible. 

Conditional Placement Form: GMS/GHS