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Requests for Distribution--Basics

It is the policy of the Green Local School District Board of Education that students, staff members and district facilities not be used for commercial advertising or for promoting the interests—personal, political or commercial—of an individual or organization unless subject matter thereof advances the educational aims of the District. The Board shall permit distribution of materials extraneous to the educational aims of the District providing the content of the materials and/or manner of presentation have been approved by the Superintendent and are in full compliance with the following guidelines:

[Applicable Policies and Information: 751075509700Facility Use Guidelines]  

  1. Distribution is for informational purposes only and refrains from persuasion.
  2. Materials are age-appropriate and meet community standards of decency and propriety, as determined by the Superintendent or designee.
  3. Distribution does not relate to a product which is inappropriate for or illegal to minors.
  4. Distribution does not relate to a product or service that would be considered educationally controversial or objectionable to a significant number of parents or other members of the District’s community.
  5. Distribution occurs without loss of or disruption to instructional time, does not involve any direct cost to the District, and does not make unreasonable demands upon the time and energies of District resources, be they physical or human.
  6. Materials promoting for profit ventures or events and activities that compete with events/offerings by the Green Local School District will not be approved for distribution.
  7. Direct distribution to individual students or parents during the school day is prohibited.
  8. Materials approved for direct distribution to students will be distributed by employees of the school district only as part of take-home folders or agenda books that regularly contain materials providing information on both school-sponsored and non-school-related activities and events. In schools where there is no regular packet sent home to families, the building principal will determine the appropriate time, place and manner to distribute approved materials.
  9. Approved non-school-related materials may be posted in the common areas of a school building that are specifically designated by the building principal for such purpose, if available. The building principal may restrict or prohibit the distribution of non-school-related materials if the time and/or manner of posting disrupts or interferes with school activities.
  10. Distribution via the Flyers from School website must be submitted electronically (JPG files only) and, if approved, will be active for a maximum of 30 calendar days.
  11. The following disclaimer must appear on all non-school-related materials to be distributed:

These materials are for informational purposes only. The Green Local School District does not endorse the persons or organizations providing these materials nor the messages contained herein. Unless specifically stated, the activities promoted herein are not affiliated with or sponsored by the Green Local School District.

To submit a Request for Distribution of Materials, please complete page two of the form at this link in its entirety and provide copies of all materials to be distributed. If intended for web posting, materials must be submitted electronically as a JPG file. All requests and materials should be submitted for approval at least 5 business days before the desired date of distribution. Submit requests to any of the addresses below.

Mailing Address: PO Box 218 Green, OH 44232

Physical Address: 1755 Town Park Boulevard Uniontown, OH 44685

Email: Julie McMahan, Director of Communications and Community Relations