Vision, Values, Goals

Vision, Values, Goals

Technology Vision, Values, Goals

Green Technology Vision
Green Local Schools will be recognized as one of the premier educational leaders in Ohio in the integration use of technology as a part of the teaching, learning process.

We Value
* Collaboration and communication among all stakeholders
* The development of digital literacy as one method of preparing students for career and college
* The integration of a current, authentic curriculum, best instructional practices and the appropriate use of technology to support the teaching-learning process.
* The production of relevant and quality work
* Reliable and sustainable technology tools and resources

Green Technology Goals
Goal 1 – Sixty percent of all classrooms will integrate technology into the teaching and learning process by June 2017.

Goal 2- Job-embedded professional development activities that enable personalized learning will be developed and identified quarterly, to promote organizational growth.

Goal 3 – Equipment and software to be standardized district wide or in grade bands; according to the following rates:
50% by 2017
60% by 2018
70% by 2019

Goal 4 – Identify technology skills to be addressed or mastered at each grade level by July 2017.

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