Summer Smash!

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Summer Smash!

The math teachers in Green Schools have created this summer math packet so that your children will come back to school ready to learn new material and to help reduce the loss of knowledge over the summer months. When we return to school in the fall, your children will take their first test on a sheet that is similar to these worksheets so that we can quickly determine the areas of greatest need.

If your child needs help with these SMASH worksheets, we will have a math teacher at Green Branch Library on Thursday mornings from 10 am – noon, each Thursday from June 8 through July 13. Your child must have attempted the problem before coming for help (that is, don’t bring a blank sheet to the library).

Your child will be very familiar with the format of these SMASH worksheets as he/she has been doing them all year (Students entering grade 7 have done them previously). Please have your child do one page per week this summer for 9 weeks. Answer keys (and the worksheets, in case your child needs a second copy) will be posted on the district website.

Go to Scroll down under the picture and you will see a link for “Summer Smash!”. Click on the link and then click on  
Depending upon your browser, the folder may or may not open automatically, allowing you to log in with your child’s credentials. If it does NOT give you a log in screen, here is the work-around:
1. Open a window and go to 
2. At the top, right hand corner, click on Sign In.
3. Sign in with your child’s credentials: username is [email protected]; password is your child’s lunch code.
4. Open a second window or tab, and go to ‘summer math packets’. This time, when you click on ‘summer math packets’, it will open in the google window.
In addition to these sheets, please continue to review all math facts through 9 x 9 so that your child comes back to school ready to build on that knowledge. Students entering grade 4 will have access to Reflex Math until the first week of school when their third grade teacher uploads the new third grade class. Your child should be able to answer any addition, subtraction or multiplication fact within 4 seconds. Children entering 5th grade should know all facts, including division facts.
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