Ohio's State Tests

Ohio's State Tests

Ohio's State Tests (OST)

What are the OST assessements?
The State of Ohio requires all students in grades 3 through 8 to take standardized tests each year in language arts and mathematics. Students in grades 5 and 8 also take state tests in science. At the high school level, students are required to take standardized state assessments in 9th and 10th grade language arts, algebra, geometry, biology, U.S. history, and U.S. government. Click on the following link for more information from the Ohio Department of Education. 
When do students take the OST assessments?
Here is the schedule of assessments for the 2020-2021 school year. The assessments are delivered during specific windows established by the Ohio Department of Education.
 Assessment  Windows Start Date End Date
 Fall Grade 3 language arts
Oct 18
Nov 5

 Fall High School biology 
 Nov 29
Jan 14

 Spring Grades 3 to 10 language arts
 April 12
 April 30
 Spring Grades 3 to 8 math, 
 Grades 5 and 8 science
 April 19
 May 14
 Spring high school algebra, 
 geometry, biology, US history, US govt. 
April 26May 14
 **Buildings will send out specific testing dates. 

How are the OST assessments delivered?
All state assessments are delivered to students online using secure technology tools and resources.
How long do the assessments last?
There are two sessions for each assessment. Students typically complete one session each day. Session length varies, and no session exceeds 105 minutes in length. 
When will assessment results be shared with parents?
Results of the fall assessments will be shared with families in February and March. Results of the spring assessments will be sent to families via U.S. Mail in August.  


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