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Green Local Schools Open Enrollment

Interdistrict Open Enrollment Guidelines

The Green Local Board of Education believes that students, under certain prescribed circumstances, can benefit from interdistrict open enrollment. Therefore, the following guidelines have been established to govern the enrollment of students from other school districts in the state of Ohio.

  1. A complete application for interdistrict open enrollment must be received in the Superintendent’s office no later than 4:00 p.m. on July 1st of the school year preceding the year for which open enrollment is sought. A separate application must be submitted for each student for whom open enrollment is being requested. 
  2. All applicants will be notified by mail of acceptance or denial by July 31st preceding the year for which open enrollment is sought. No information will be given orally either in person or over the telephone. All approved transfers shall be for one (1) year only. The Board of Education reserves the right to deny any and all applicants and cancel the interdistrict open enrollment program at any time for any school year. 
  3. Students, who meet all the requirements of these guidelines, will be accepted on a priority basis as follows: 
    1. Current tuition students 
    2. Students previously approved for open enrollment 
    3. Students living with a grandparent in the school district 
    4. Children of employees of the school district 
    5. Children of graduates of the school district 
    6. Earliest date of application 
  4. In order to be considered for interdistrict open enrollment, students must have an appropriate number of credits and be age-appropriate for the grade level in which they are seeking to enroll. 
  5. No interdistrict transfer will be approved if the enrollment would exceed district capacity limits for that grade level, school, program, or class. 
  6. No student, once accepted for interdistrict open enrollment, will be displaced should enrollment exceed district capacity limits. The Superintendent or designee will determine the building, class, or program assignment of the student. 
  7. The parents of a student, who is accepted for open enrollment, shall be responsible for the transportation of the student to the building to which he or she is assigned. 
  8. No student will be considered for open enrollment if he or she has been suspended or expelled for ten (10) or more consecutive days in the current school year or the immediately preceding school year. 
  9. Students with disabilities will be denied interdistrict open enrollment if a service described in the student’s IEP is not available in the district. Under no circumstances will the school district be required to establish any special education program or provide any service not currently available in the school district in order to serve an open enrollment student. 
  10. Applications for open enrollment shall be rejected if the admission will negatively impact the racial balance of a building. 
  11. Resident students will not be displaced under any circumstances. 
  12. All applicable rules and regulations of the Ohio High School Athletic Association and of the Board of Education shall govern the athletic eligibility of an open enrollment student. 
  13. A student must meet all graduation requirements established by the Board of   Education in order to graduate from Green High School.

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