Facility Use

Facility Use

Facility Use

The facilities of the Green Local School District are available to educational, recreational, business and social interest groups or organizations within the Green Local School district as long as it does not interfere with the operation of the school program.  Facilities may be available to groups outside of the Green Local School district at the discretion of the Board or its designee.

Building Use and Athletic Facilities – Rental Procedures 

Required Documentation

In order to reserve and/or rent our district facilities, the Board of Education requires that your organization sign a Conditions of Use form annually as well as provide a valid certificate of liability insurance. 

[Applicable Policies and Information: 7510; 7550; 9700Facility Use Guidelines

Please send updated documentation at your earliest convenience to

Sandy Mercer

Office of HR and Administrative Services

PO Box 218

Green, OH 44232

Email: [email protected]


Requesting Use of district facilities

Your group may request use of our facilities by contacting the facility rental point person of the building in which you would like to reserve space. If your group wishes to use multiple facilities in the district, please contact Sandy Mercer at 330-896-7584 or via email at [email protected].

Greenwood: Principal Scott Shank 330-896-7472

Green Primary School: Assistant Principal Kelli Fultz 330-899-8700

Green Intermediate School: Principal Mark Booth  330-896-7700

Green Middle School: Principal Jeff Wells 330-896-7710

Green High School Athletic Facilities: Athletic Director Erich Muzi 330-896-7565

Green High School Auditorium:  Theatre Services Manager Scott Plummer  330-896-7588

Green High School Non-Athletic Facilities: Secretary Kim Hastings 330-896-7568


Distribution of Information in Schools

If you would like to distribute information or promote events to students through the district website or by sending documents home from school, please follow the procedures outlined at this link
Point of Contact
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