Green Participates in National "Hour of Code"

The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in over 180 countries.  During the week of December 4th, students in all our buildings had an opportunity to participate in this global event.  Below is a description of how the event was presented at each building within the district.


Students came to the library during their I&E time and were taught how to use the Tynker Pup program.  During this activity the students programmed instructions for the Tynker Pup to naviate him through a servies of events.  Supported by the students from GHS, all kindergarten students found success in guiding the puppy. [View thier activity].



Green Primary

Grades 1 through 3 participated in the Hour of Code during their Digital Lit classroom time.  Each grade was given various challenges to problem solve.  Firsts and Second grade students went on a Candy Quest with a self designed character and used their programming skills to help their character find its way home [view the first grade activity].  Third grade students programed droids from the Star Wars universe to perform different tasks and heard from Industial Light and Magic employees on how programming was used to create things they saw on the big screen [view the second grade activity]



Green Intermediate School
Grades 4 through 6 participated in the Hour of Code during their Digital Lit classroom time.  Much like the grades below them, the students at GIS were given challenging programming situations that required them to use problem solving and critical thinking to find solutions. The Fourth grade students participated in Dragon Dash to learn some basic programming. In this senario students made a custom dragon and went on an epic quest for treasure while at the same time avoided different obstacles [View the fourth grade activity]. In the Fifth grade students learned about programming an interactive experience, and got to hear from the programmers of the popular app Flappy Bird. Through this experience the students had an opportunity to actually program the game and make their own version of Flappy Bird [view the fifth grade activity]. Sixth grade students designed their own animated Google logo and where given inspiration from actual Google employees. They were given an opportunity to become Google Doodlers by designing their own themed Google logo similar to what is shown on the actual Google homepage. They did their programming in a program called Scratch [View the sixth grade activity].


Green Middle School
Grades 7 and 8 also were also provided time to experience coding.  The Social Studies teachers challenged their students to design a working sports game.  When finished they had an actal working game simulation that could play sports games like basketball or soccer, keep score, and perform various tasks when differnt things happened in the game.  They also got to hear from NBA players and their experience with Hour of Code.  Both seventh and eight grade programmed the same activity [View their activity].

Green High School [View the winning project]
Students at the high school were given a challenge through each grades Graduation Year Google Classroom.   They were given a chance to create a working paint program and here is how we challenged them to participate in the Hour of Code on their own:
  1. Go to this website:

  2. Watch the video in step 1 for an explanation of what you will be making

  3. Open this document for a look at the code

  4. Start GP by clicking here

  5. Once you have made the painting program, try the “Remix 1”, “Remix 2”, and “Remix 3”.

  6. In the “What’s Next?” section, use Screencasity to record and explain what you did and how you used one or more of the new blocks of code.  If you have never used screencastify, this slides presentation may help.  

 One randomly selected video will win a Large Pizza from Hungry Howies!
We would like to thank the Green Hungry Howies for donating the $20 gift certificate that was awarded to our GHS winner.
 For more information on Hour of Code visit the official site.

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