Mrs. Wagar’s Science Classes


Class Expectations

  1. Be in your seat and ready for class to begin when the bell rings.

Two (2) tardies = Detention

  1. BE PREPARED!  Only those items being used for class should be on your table.  Everything should be on the floor under your chair/table.
  2. Food and drink (except water in its original form) DO NOT enter the room.
  3. Respect others and their personal property.


Failure to follow these and all school rules will result in the following

o   1st offense             Warning

o   2nd offense             15 minute detention

o   3rd offense             15 minute detention and call home

o   4th offense             Office referral

(steps may be skipped when necessary)

Detentions will be served before school at 7a.m. or after school at 2:30 p.m. for 15 minutes in Room 220.  Failure to show or make other arrangements will result in a second detention.

In the event of a substitute teacher, any student whose name is written down for behavior issues will receive an automatic office referral. 


Technology in the Classroom

The use of personal technological devices in the classroom will be allowed when deemed appropriate by the teacher.  Ex.) Using the calculator on cell phones. 


Test Retakes

All chapter tests may be retaken if you score below a 90% on the original test.  In order to retake the test, you must have completed all homework assignments, do corrections on the original test AND the review questions assigned.  These will be due before you are given the retake. You will have one week to retake the test from the time you receive it back in class.  You will be able to earn up to a 90% on your retake test.  You should be attempting to score at least an 80% on all material you are tested over. 


Missing Assignments

Assignments are considered missing if they are not turned in at the time they are due (absences are an exception).  Because we go over most assignments in class, only half credit will be given for missing assignments.  If you miss a lab, a current event will need to be completed to replace the lab grade.  You will write a one page summary on an article which deals with life science.  The article must be attached to your summary to receive full credit.   It is to your benefit to do the missing assignment because it is helping you review material covered in class.  Having missing work is considered a discipline issue.  Having multiple missing assignments will result in an office referral.

Curriculum and Grading - 80/20 Grading Policy

At Green High School, grades are calculated in all classes based on the 80/20 Policy.  As a result, a student’s grade is divided into 2 categories:  Academic Achievement and Academic Practice.   After a student has had sufficient instruction and practice on a topic, it is then reasonable to judge his/her mastery of the information or skills in the form of academic achievement assessments. The purpose is to evaluate how well a student has learned the material. Eighty percent of the total course grade comes from academic achievement and will consist of tests (oral, written and performance), some quizzes, some homework, writings, projects or presentations.  Whenever a student learns new material he or she goes through a time of wrestling with the material before eventually mastering the information or skills. It is expected that a student will make some mistakes during this learning process. Work completed during this learning period is considered academic practice. Twenty percent of the total course grade comes from academic practice and will consist of some quizzes, homework, first drafts of writing, teacher questions during instruction, some worksheets, informal observations or pre-testing.


Homework will be part of academic practice and is usually worth 10 points.  We will go over the assignment in class after your work has been checked for completion. 


Quizzes will be part of academic practice.  They are usually over one or two topics and are worth 10 to 20 points.


Labs are worth 20 points in academic practice.  Many labs in Biology 1 are paper/pencil type labs.


Chapter tests will be worth 50 points (or half of your percentage).  Chapter test will normally cover two chapters.


Unit tests will be worth 100 points (or your percentage).  Unit tests are common assessments given to all Biology 1 students.  These will include ACT questions.





YOU ARE REPSONSIBLE FOR GETTING YOUR MISSED WORK and TURNING IT IN ON TIME!!!  As stated in the student handbook, you have the number of days you were absent plus 1 to turn in your missed assignments. 



Make-up Tests/Quizzes/Labs

All test, quiz and lab make-ups should be scheduled with Mrs. Wagar.  They can be taken before or after school in Room 220.

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