Frequently Asked Questions
Backpacks at GHS

What backpacks are allowed at GHS?

Students are allowed to bring any book bag they want to school, but in order to carry books/items between classes, the bag must be either clear/transparent, or an “athletic” bag made of mesh material.

Some spots to look for clear or mesh book bags:               Actual full size clear bags                       Clear and mesh book bags for $9
Dick's Sporting Goods                    Mesh Nike bags for $12

Contacting GHS

How can I reach the principals?

You are welcome to contact the principals by phone or e-mail. Call 330-896-7575 or use the e-mail address below.

Mrs. Brown:
Mr. Muzi:
Mr. Bridenthal:

How do I reach my child's teachers?

  1.     Use the district directory to find contact information for your child's teachers.
  2.     You may also find contact information and course syllabi on the teachers' websites.
  3.     Contact teachers through ProgressBook when you check your child's grades online. If you need a username and password for ProgressBook, please complete the online request form.

Building Schedule
What is the daily schedule at GHS?
GHS operates on a 9 period day with four lunch periods. Some classes last two periods for one semester while others last one period all year. Click here to access the GHS bell schedule.

80/20 Grading Policy

Please explain the 80/20 grading policy.

Whenever a student learns new material he or she goes through a time of wrestling with the material before eventually mastering the information or skills. It is expected that a student will make some mistakes during this learning process. Work completed during this learning period is considered academic practice. 20% of the total course grade comes from academic practice and will consist of some quizzes, homework, first drafts of writing, teacher questions during instruction, some worksheets, informal observations or pre-testing.

After a student has had sufficient instruction and practice on a topic, it is then reasonable to judge his/her mastery of the information or skills in the form of academic achievement assessments. The purpose is to evaluate how well a student has learned the material. 80% of the total course grade comes from academic achievement and will consist of tests (oral, written and performance), some quizzes, some homework, writings, projects or presentations.
How can I tell the difference between academic practice and academic achievement in ProgressBook?
Teachers code their assignments as either academic progress or academic achievement. In ProgressBook, you may choose to view assignments by assignment type
Career and College Readiness

Can students enroll in college classes while still in high school?

Yes, students can earn college credit while still in high school. Check out the Seniors to Sophomores website and FAQs for more detailed information.

Does GHS offer any Advanced Placement courses?
Yes, there are many Advanced Placement offerings at Green High School. For more information, visit the Guidance Department website.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

How often are parent-teacher conferences held at GHS?
There are four conference nights at Green High School. Two are held in the fall and two are held in the spring. To schedule a conference, use the online conference scheduling system or call the main office at 330-896-7575 for more information.

How do I schedule a conference with my child's teacher(s)?
To schedule a conference on one of the four conference nights, use the online conference scheduling system or call the main office at 330-896-7575 for more information. To conference with a teacher at another time, please contact the teacher directly.

In the online conference scheduler, can teachers' room numbers display next to their names so that when a parent schedules the conference, we can schedule in somewhat of an orderly fashion and not be walking in circles all over the building?
This is a great suggestion. We expect this feature to be available for Spring 2010 conferences.
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