FMLA Qualification

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During the period of the Governor's Executive Order 2020-10D, and in conjunction with House Bill 197, the Green Local School District's Board of Education meetings will be held virtually. Each meeting can be viewed live following this link : Live Board Meeting  It will be archived for later viewing on YouTube as well.

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FMLA Qualification

Do You Qualify for Family Medical Leave?

The Family Medical Leave Act is a federal provision that enables qualified employees to take unpaid, job-protected leave, with continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave. In Green Local Schools, accrued leave (sick, personal and vacation) runs concurrently with family and medical leave. When the employee returns to work from FMLA leave, he or she will be restored to the same job or a similar job. 
Do You Qualify?
Review the chart below to determine if you may be eligible for leave under the FMLA. Green Local Schools has more than 50 employees.
If you believe you are eligible or have questions regarding your eligibility, contact the Office of Human Resources at your earliest convenience.     EMAIL:      Phone:  330-896-7511
Qualification Through Absence Patterns
Absence patterns often signal that an employee may meet the eligibility requirements for leave under the FMLA.  If absence patterns are identified, the District may contact the employee to determine if leave under the FMLA should be considered.
  • a pattern of scheduled or non-scheduled sick leave (Mondays and Fridays; Thursdays and Fridays; every Wednesday; absence(s) weekly or every other week, etc.)
  • a pattern of recurrent or excessive absences due to illness (3-4 day blocks of time, for example)
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