GMS Activities

GMS offers several activities for students to get involved in either during or after school.

Book Club

Book Club is for both 7th and 8th grade students, staff members and parent volunteers! We meet virtually throughout the month using Google Classroom, and we meet physically about once a month  in the library to eat lunch, enjoy baked treats and talk books! It is a great time to get together with people we enjoy and talk about an activity that we all enjoy... READING!!  For more information on Book Club please contact:  Mrs. Nicodemo at  

Ski Club

Ski Club will be held on Wednesdays. We will be going at least five times as a club.
After the five club sessions are completed, students may still go on Wednesdays! However, we will not be going as a club. Students will need their own transportation and supervision.
We will be departing around 3:00. We will return to the school around 8:30.
For more information on Ski Club, please contact Mrs. Dimengo at 
In addition, please go to the GMS home page and sign up for "Remind", a phone notification service we now use to communicate with parents and students.

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is an after school club that meets every Thursday and is open to both 7th and 8th graders. The club focuses on building a caring school environment by working on school wide activities to promote kindness and acceptance of all.   For more information on Chain Reaction please contact: Mrs. Custer at  

Academic Challenge

Academic Challenge The Academic Challenge contest is played with a lockout buzzer system between two teams of  five players each with new players rotating in between rounds. A moderator reads questions (on a variety of topics) to the teams and the players try to buzz in first with the correct answer to score points for their team. Each round consists of 25 questions.   The team that wins 3 out of  5 rounds is the match winner.

The competition season generally runs from January through March with practices and matches once or twice a week after school.  Green mainly competes against Stark county schools.
For more information about Academic Challenge, contact the team coach, Mrs. Kristi Ovak.

Student Council

Student council is for 7th and 8th grade students who desire to improve our experience in self-government, serve the faculty, administration, and student body by participating in meetings, fundraisers, planning and organization of dances, and other service-oriented activities.

Game Spot

Game Spot is by invitation only, and is a program which focuses on and emphasizes the social, friendship, and communication needs of adolescent students. Game Spot meets twice a month in our library media center and consists of stations with video games, board games in which students are encouraged to communicate and socialize appropriately with peers.  
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